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Facebook’s Adding Post Topics to More Groups, Helping to Better Organize Relevant Discussion

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With Facebook group engagement rising, some groups are now truly massive, which can make it difficult to find posts on the topics you’re most interested in. Sometimes you might also join a certain group to discuss specific elements, but have less interest in the general chatter.
In order to better cater to such usage, Facebook has this week announced that it’s expanding its post topics tags for groups, which will enable group members and admins to categorize group posts accordingly.

As you can see here, the new tags – for which the topics can be assigned by the group admin/s – can be added to any group post. Users will then be able to search the group by topic (last frame) to better locate the discussions they’re most interested in. 
As explained by Facebook:

“Post topics can be created, edited and deleted only by admins and moderators, and each group can have up to 150 post topics. Once an admin or moderator has created post topics, anyone in the group can apply those topics directly to posts they’ve written. Each post can have a maximum of 1 topic added to it. Post topics functionality will be available for all groups. Anyone in the group has the option to post with or without applying a post topic.”
It’s slightly unclear, from the announcement, how widely available the option will be – in one part, Facebook says that post tags will be “rolling out to more groups”, while in the above quote, Facebook says it will be available for all (we’ve asked Facebook to clarify).
Regardless, if you do have the functionality available in your group, it’ll provide another way to sort your broader discussions, and help users find the posts of most interest to them.
You can read more about the new Facebook group post tags here.


Andrew Hutchinson



Andrew Hutchinson

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