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The Rise of Social Commerce – and What it Means for Your Brand [Infographic]

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With more social platforms looking to integrate direct, on-platform selling tools, social commerce looks to be the next major retail shift. The capacity to guide shoppers from their feeds to the check-out holds major potential – and while we still have a way to go before this becomes a major shopping trend, it is gradually evolving.
So how can your business prepare?
That’s what the below infographic from Wikibuy is all about – in it, they outline a range of tips which brands can look to implement in order to align with changing consumer expectations in regards to immediate connection and purchasing. 
As noted, it may not be the new normal as yet, but you can see it coming. These tips will help you get ready for the next big change. 

A version of this post was first published on the Digital Information World blog.


Irfan Ahmad



Irfan Ahmad

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