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What Is The Secret To Creating Your Best Art and Work?

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Do you have a “sacred place” that is just yours?
That allows you to have the space and freedom to work on what is important.
Some of us work in “hot desk” environments. But these seem to be designed more to save money for the industrial corporation complex than for the creative human.
As humans and as creators we need that “special place” where we can bring forth our best work. It is where we can find our “flow”. And not allow the rest of the world to interrupt or distract.
Some of us do our best work in a noisy cafe. We need to be surrounded by humanity and the buzz of conversation. J. K Rowling wrote “Harry Potter” from the corner of a noisy cafe.
Others need silence. A shut door. A cave. Soft light.
Some are inspired by a view of a world from a distance. To watch humanity go past.
As unique humans we need to find our own creative space that works for us.
The importance of a sacred place
In the 1980’s before the advent of the Web, social media and smart phones, Joseph Campbell (the author of “The Hero’s Journey”) shared how he started each day.
This was his way to inspiration and the special place for the creation and unfolding and manifestation of his art. To write his books that changed the world.
“A sacred place. 
You must have a room…a certain time of day.
You don’t know what took place in the newspapers that morning. Who your friends are. 
You don’t know what you owe to anybody. Or what anybody owes to you. 
Have a sacred place, use it and take advantage of it. 
For creation.
A place where you can experience and bring forth what you are. 
And what you might be. 
A place of creative incubation. 
First nothing may happen.
But if you use and take advantage of it then something will happen”.
35 years later the truth of his insight is even more relevant than it was then.
There is more distraction than ever before.
We all have different visions of that that looks and feels like. But the settling in and the setting down into your zone is just the start.
Then comes the resistance we feel when it comes to revealing our truth to the world.
It is combat.
And as Steven Pressfield outlined in his book the “War of Art”. It is a fight to the death.
Many never start and leave their truth buried. Never to be seen.
Many of us never create or reveal our art.
The struggle and daily combat
In a noisy world we are at the mercy of many distractions. But there are some things that we need to pause and set aside.
And there are many.
Mobile alerts.
Checking social media.
Other people asking questions. Interrupting.
Opening up your emails.
Finding out the latest news.
The platforms and apps are designed to distract. They hire neuroscientists to build in attention addiction.
The artists fears
As we start on the trek of creating, many of us are fearful of getting it wrong.  The biggest enemy of creation is succumbing to not starting. We feel dread and despair.
It is simply “fear”.
The fear of being wrong.
The fear of being imperfect.
The fear of being judged.
We often procrastinate from fear and we never start.
At the heart of this resistance is the battle to take the first step.
Writing the first word. The first sentence. The first paragraph.
That mental chatter is just one obstacle. And there are other monsters at the gate.
The rough draft
As the rough draft unfolds we start to see what we are bringing forth.
It is ugly.
It’s it doesn’t flow.
It doesn’t make sense.
You need to push on. There is no other way.
We start with a rough draft and then it is the process of distilling complexity and noise into clarity. It needs to be wrestled and wrangled into shape.
Polish the imperfection.
It is armed combat with resistance at every turn.
What is my sacred “place”?
The world of business is evolving. We can work from anywhere.
This is transforming how we live and work. This has only just started as we find our way in a world of startups, freelancers and digital entrepreneurs.
Working out of a home office has its own challenges. We need a home that surrounds us. Secure.
Home that has chaos will not serve you. It needs to feel safe.
And sometimes we don’t understand the true meaning of “home” until it is lost.
But it needs to be a place that invites you to be free. To risk adventures. While feeling safe to create.
Provide the base to strike out on adventures and risk. It needs to be a safe place to return from the battles of life. 
Home sits at the core of our being. 
But you don’t know it. Can’t feel it. The meaning of “home” 
Until it is challenged and threatened by dragons that are beyond your control and are uninvited
What is my sacred place?
It looks out on the world. It has two screens. One for research, the other for writing.
A coffee at hand. A desk lamp. No clutter. Both beside me or around me.
A marinating mug of Lemon and Ginger tea.
A certain time of day.
And the battle starts anew every day.
“First nothing may happen. But if you use and take advantage of it then something will happen”.
This a happiness ritual that will surprise you if you show up every day. Sit down and strap yourself in and do the work.
What is your sacred place for creating and revealing your art and truth to the world?
Jeff Bullas

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