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WooCommerce SEO: The Sure Knowledge (2019 Update)

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woocommerce seo

Is your WooCommerce shop SEO apt? Are you taking relieve of all optimization programs to maximize the visibility of your on-line store to seem engines?

Promoting services and products and products on-line is a immense industry. In an imaginary World, all it be well-known to total is invent a WooCommerce self-discipline, add products and originate making sales.

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Within the precise World, it’s a particular myth. The eCommerce house is extremely competitive. There are hundreds of ecommerce retail outlets competing for the truth is one of many tip positions on Google and utterly about a put collectively to manufacture sales with out spending a fortune on promoting.

What’s their secret? A 3-letter observe that would possibly alternate the fate of your on-line industry, SEO.

In this put up, you’ll undercover agent programs to use your WooCommerce SEO to a whole novel degree. I will let you know step-by-step optimize WooCommerce and originate ranking for the necessary phrases that topic to your industry.

Is WooCommerce SEO Marvelous?

Let’s originate with an extraordinarily favorite ask about WooCommerce. Is it SEO apt?

The answer is Yes. WooCommerce is SEO apt out of the field, but there is a obedient distinction between having an SEO apt online online page and in level of truth ranking excessive in Google for the necessary phrases you desire.

The Complete SEO Course

When we utter that WooCommerce is SEO apt, we imply that it has particular SEO parts built-in that would be historical by SEO Consultants to optimize a area for SEO rankings.

WooCommerce is no longer a standalone platform worship Shopify, it’s a plugin that wants WordPress to characteristic.

WordPress is per chance the SEO friendlier CMS and WooCommerce inherits these kinds of SEO positive components.

THE COMPLETE SEO COURSE A step-by-step course on amplify your traffic in 60 days or much less. Be taught guidelines on how to virtually produce a gracious online online page or weblog.The ONLY SEO Route you may ever wish to read!

Then again, it be well-known to total a model of labor to utterly optimized a WooCommerce store starting from your self-discipline structure, products, categories, tags, schemas and loads of more.

Solutions to SEO WooCommerce

WooCommerce powers one third of all on-line retail outlets, let’s uncover fabricate yours stand out from the crew.

Here is a checklist of the tip WooCommerce SEO guidelines to be aware and utterly optimize your on-line store:

  1. Optimize your Product Internet page Titles
  2. Add SEO Meta Descriptions to all products
  3. Pick up SEO Marvelous Product URLS
  4. Optimize the product H1 Mark
  5. Optimize product drawl material
  6. Optimize product photography and videos
  7. Permit and Optimize Breadcrumbs
  8. Optimize your shop Building
  9. SEO Your Class Pages
  10. Optimize and put up a sitemap to Google
  11. Check WooCommerce Schemas and Structured Knowledge
  12. Tempo up WooCommerce
  13. Cell friendliness
  14. Promote your WooCommerce Store

Let’s dive in.

First within the checklist is product online page SEO and for an extraordinarily precise motive. Product pages are the greatest pages of your self-discipline and these are the pages that you just may dangle to snide bigger in search.

Optimize your Product Internet page Titles

Initiate by optimizing your online page titles. No topic you write within the trace of a product online page is confirmed within the engines like google and yahoo results pages (SERPS), and it’s the first issue that crawlers read.

To manufacture your lifestyles simpler, it be well-known to put in the free model of Yoast SEO plugin. This may merely add a chunk in all of your product pages the put that you just may optimize both titles, meta descriptions and slug.

To alternate the product title, login to your WooCommerce online online page, EDIT a product and scroll all the way in which down to the Yoast SEO piece and look the SEO Title (that you just may merely dangle to click on on the Snippet Preview to seem it).

How to Optimize WooCommerce Product Titles
Solutions to Optimize WooCommerce Product Titles

An SEO Marvelous online page title will dangle to composed:

Precisely portray the services and products or products you are selling – The title gives a obedient clue to seem engines and users as to what to put a query to after they talk over with a online page.

Aid the length between 50-60 characters – here is the in style series of characters displayed in Google search results.

Arena of abilities is amazingly well-known – Every and each product to your store, will dangle to composed dangle a a range of title. Having bigger than one product with the identical title will confuse engines like google and yahoo and this can negatively impression your publicity in search.

Be a range of from what’s already on the first online page of Google – Here’s obligatory in sigh for you to amplify your possibilities of ranking excessive for a ‘selling keyword’.

Before you write a product title, delivery Google and look your product key phrases. Value what’s already readily accessible within the first online page and take a dangle a study to manufacture your product titles a range of.

Google is no longer going to snarl the identical title bigger than as soon as, so make certain that that your title is no longer a reproduction of what is already available within the market.

You may presumably differentiate your titles by collectively with advantages worship the example below. Value how ‘Free Shipping’ makes the title enticing to click on and a range of from the comfort.

Title with Product Benefits
Title with Product Advantages

Encompass SEO Key phrases – Before making a title, finish your keyword study and title for which SEO key phrases you desire every and each of your product pages to snide for.

Then search Google for these key phrases, take into legend what’s already there and craft your title to collectively with these key phrases but at the identical time to be uncommon, descriptive and enticing for users to click on.

Here’s the identical step as above but I added it individually to stress the fact that your product titles will dangle to composed no longer utterly basically based utterly on total search phrases, but on key phrases which dangle a wonderful search quantity and a transparent person intent.

Aid your area title on the lovely of the title – It isn’t uncommon to consist of your area or mark title in a product title but it’s better to sustain it on the lovely piece of the title.

Initiate the title with the greatest message, which is the product title, traits and advantages and sustain the positioning title at the pause.

Here is an example to label this better:

Domain name in Product Title
Arena title in Product Title

Add SEO Meta Descriptions to all products

Besides caring for the product titles, you additionally wish to create for personalized meta descriptions for all of your products.

You may presumably finish this by filling the META DESCRIPTION field of Yoast SEO plugin whereas bettering a product in WooCommerce.

What it be well-known to know about product meta descriptions is the following:

It’s as a lot as Google to get whether or no longer or no longer they may be able to sigh the text you may present or craft their very dangle.

Within the majority of cases, they’re inclined to invent personalized meta descriptions the usage of text figured out on the online page.

Then again, having uncommon descriptions for all of your products is composed well-known.

Product Meta Descriptions must be decrease than 160 characters – That’s the in style amount of characters confirmed in a search snippet.

Encompass key phrases and product description and advantages – Exercise the 160 characters properly. Invent no longer repeat precisely what’s already within the title but strive to utilize identical key phrases and offers more advantages.

Here is an example of a wonderfully optimized meta description:

Optimized WooCommerce Meta Description
Optimized WooCommerce Meta Description

Pick up SEO Marvelous Product URLS

One other issue that wants your consideration is the product URLS. The necessary thing to total is to check your WordPress settings and make certain that that product permalinks are configured correctly.

From the WordPress admin menu get out SETTING > PERMALINKS. Scroll all the way in which down to the bottom and earn the PRODUCT PERMALINKS piece.

WooCommerce Permalink Settings
WooCommerce Permalink Settings

Here’s the diagram to clarify the permalink of your products.

Since WooCommerce is a WordPress add-on and to steer obvious of any conflicts with existing WordPress pages, all of your products URLS will dangle to composed originate with a a range of identifier.

This may merely either be the observe ‘product’ or any a range of identifier that you just suspect is relevant with the services and products or products you are selling.

As that you just may take into legend within the screenshot above, I in actuality dangle web online page my product permalinks to be:


As an example, here is the URL for my SEO Route:


This manner I will add more products and programs with out creating conflicts and this structure is additionally SEO apt.

You may presumably be aware the identical sample to your WooCommerce shop to make certain that that your WooCommerce installation is no longer going to invent conflicts alongside with your WordPress posts and pages or a range of plugins.

Uncover: There are some plugins that use away the must dangle the product identifier and class title within the product URL but here is no longer suggested by WooCommerce due to the reproduction URLS issue and efficiency. From my experience with hundreds of WooCommerce installations, I suggest to sustain to this URL structure.

Besides caring for the product permalink structure, you additionally wish to optimize the precise product URLS i.e. the URL of every of your products.

You may presumably finish this by altering the product permalink whereas EDITING a product.

How to change product permalinks in WooCommerce
Solutions to alternate product permalinks in WooCommerce

Some guidelines for making SEO apt products URLS:

  • Exercise dashes (-) to separate the words that fabricate up a URL
  • Aid it quick and descriptive
  • Dwell a ways off from cease words worship ‘an’, ‘the’, ’and’ and so on
  • Encompass key phrases
  • Encompass the product title and most well-known traits
  • Aid pointless recordsdata at the pause of the URL

Listed below are a pair of examples of optimized WooCommerce product URLS: enough-white-gold

Really helpful Reading: Solutions to Pick up SEO Marvelous URLS 

Optimize the Product H1 Mark

The H1 Mark is what’s confirmed on the product online page. It shall be the identical or a range of than the online page title.

You may presumably use the H1 trace to create give more details about the product, with out being concerned about the 60 characters restrict of the online page title.

SEO Product H1
Example of H1 Mark

Really helpful Reading: H1 Mark SEO

Optimize Product Squawk

One of many greatest complications of ecommerce web sites on the total, is reproduction drawl material in product descriptions.

Here’s a obedient SEO issue because in case your product drawl material is no longer uncommon, it gives no incentive to Google to snide your pages excessive within the consequences.

In particular whereas you dangle the identical product drawl material as amazon or a range of obedient on-line retailers, you keep no longer dangle any possibilities of appearing anyplace shut to the first online page of Google.

So, the very very first thing to dangle in thoughts is that it be well-known to manufacture the very best that you just may take into consideration effort to write uncommon product descriptions for all of your products.

Let’s take into legend the very best formula to total that:

When bettering a product in WooCommerce, there are two areas the put that you just may add the product drawl material:

Edit WooCommerce Product Description
Edit WooCommerce Product Description

The pause piece is the product prolonged description and the bottom piece is the product quick description.

While you happen to haven’t personalized your WooCommerce theme, whereas you add both a prolonged and quick product description and post the online page, it appears to be like to be like worship this:

WooCommerce Product Descriptions
WooCommerce Product Descriptions

The quick description is confirmed at the tip of the online page and the prolonged description below the product well-known parts.

Both of these sections are well-known for SEO.

The pause piece (quick description): Google considers any drawl material that is confirmed above the fold to be more well-known that drawl material figured out within the decrease parts of a online page.

To use relieve of this, make certain that that:

  • You present for a UNIQUE quick description for all of your products.
  • You Encompass the product title and favorite traits
  • You Encompass a summary of the product advantages
  • You consist of the necessary phrases you may dangle to snide for

Here is what I in actuality dangle in my product quick description (I in actuality dangle personalized my product online page to undercover agent a range of from the default Woo theme).

WooCommerce Product Short Description Example
WooCommerce Product Rapid Description Example

Value how I historical both key phrases and product advantages in right two paragraphs.

Amazon is additionally doing a immense job with product descriptions above the fold. Here is an example:

Product Short Description
Product Rapid Description Above the Fold

The product prolonged description: Here’s the diagram to create more detail details about your products.

Follow these finest SEO practices:

Pick up your product drawl material uncommon – I are privy to it’s plain to read about the importance of product distinctiveness again, but it’s well-known to label this and fabricate it your high priority.

I do know that whereas you dangle identical products is difficult to dangle 100% uncommon drawl material for every of your products but at the least strive to dangle gadgets of drawl material on a product online page that is no longer figured out on any a range of pages of your online online page.

As an example, whereas you’re selling the identical product in a range of sizes and colours and also you made the decision to dangle separate pages for every, then on every product online page add photography of the product in that color and size with an exact ALT text and caption.

You may presumably additionally add person-generated drawl material (evaluations) explicit to that product (worship Amazon).

Exercise LSI or identical key phrases – Be awake that besides providing for an clarify that would possibly convince users to get your product, you additionally wish to give engines like google and yahoo the lovely indicators about the drawl material of the online page.

On your online page title, URL, meta description and quick description, you intelligently added your target key phrases, which is a immense first step.

Within the product prolonged description, it be well-known to utilize prolonged tail key phrases, connected key phrases and semantically connected key phrases (additionally recognized as LSI key phrases). These key phrases must be results of your keyword study. Be taught the e book below for step-by-step instructions.

Really helpful Reading: Solutions to total keyword study for an ecommerce online online page

Here is an exact example of a product prolonged description:

Product Long Description
Product Long Description

Optimize product photography and videos

Image SEO

Any photography that you just add to your product online page, either within the product slider or product descriptions, must be optimized for SEO.

Having optimized photography increases your possibilities of reaching excessive rankings in Google list search and additionally Pinterest search.

When collectively with an list to WooCommerce the usage of the MEDIA characteristic of WordPress you dangle the solution to specify a title, ALT Textual drawl material, Caption and Description.

WooCommerce Image SEO Settings
WooCommerce Image SEO Settings

Title: Exercise the title of the product (with out dashes)

ALT TEXT: The greatest issue for list SEO. Within the alt text portray the product confirmed within the list. Strive to intelligently incorporate key phrases to your text but steer obvious of the usage of utterly key phrases.

Caption: Write a caption and make certain that that it is a ways confirmed appropriately below the list. The caption would be the identical as the ALT text or a range of (suggested).

Description: Here’s optional. It’s no longer historical for SEO purposes.

Here is a summary of all list SEO guidelines:

Image SEO Best Practices
Image SEO Most gripping Practices

Video SEO

Movies are an extraordinarily precious instrument especially for selling physical products. You may presumably add videos to your product description piece to snarl the demonstrate the product parts to customers.

SEO wise, you may dangle to composed use into legend the following:

Add Movies on YouTube

Pick up a YouTube Channel and add your videos on YouTube and then embed them on WooCommerce.

Uploading and streaming the videos from WordPress will dull down your online online page. The finest way is to embed them to your product online page by replica/pasting the video URL from YouTube.

This manner you additionally dangle more possibilities of getting natural traffic from YouTube search.

WooCommerce by default has the breadcrumb path enabled for all pages. If here is no longer the case, that you just may either alternate your WooCommerce theme or use a personalised plugin (worship Yoast SEO).

Breadcrumbs are very precious for a WooCommerce shop. They abet users navigate to the product categories to gaze identical products and engines like google and yahoo use them to salvage a bigger idea of the positioning structure.

WooCommerce Breadcrumbs
WooCommerce Breadcrumbs

By strategy of SEO, it be well-known to make certain that that your breadcrumb path has legitimate structured recordsdata. You may presumably read below check your schema implementation.

Optimize your shop Building

Up to now, we now dangle long previous by the steps of optimizing your products but you may dangle to composed no longer fail to recollect about your shop self-discipline structure.

Having a easy and tidy self-discipline structure makes crawling faster, makes your online online page eligible for Google sitelinks and product repairs simpler.

Optimizing your WooCommerce self-discipline structure is no longer hard, all it be well-known to total is:

Pick up a Hierarchical structure and not utilizing a bigger than 3 ranges

Configure your permalink structure (as explained above), to dangle the following hierarchy:

/products/product_category/product_subcategory (optional)/ product

This manner that you just may put collectively your products into categories and optionally subcategories and composed fabricate the products reachable from the homepage in 3 clicks or much less.

SEO Optimized Site Structure
SEO Optimized Space Building

Pick up particular your menu and breadcrumbs accurately symbolize the URL structure

Your necessary menu and breadcrumb path will dangle to composed be aware your self-discipline structure. As an example, whereas you to get to dangle sub-categories, your high menu will dangle to composed checklist the necessary categories and on click on or mouse over to demonstrate the subcategories.

The identical goes with the breadcrumb path, if a product is piece of a sub-class, that must be confirmed on the breadcrumb menu.

Provide for a person sitemap

A person sitemap is amazingly well-known for ecommerce web sites. The sitemap will dangle to composed judge the positioning hierarchy. Users worship sitemaps and While you happen to check your analytics, you may uncover about that the sitemap online page is basically one of basically the most visited pages of your online online page.

user sitemap example ecommerce
Person Sitemap Example

SEO Your Class Pages

I’ve mentioned above that the truth is one of many greatest components of ecommerce web sites is reproduction drawl material and here is stunning for sophistication pages as correctly.

Unlike a non-ecommerce online online page, an on-line shop wants to dangle class pages. They’re obligatory for usability purposes but they additionally dangle a position to play in SEO.

SEO optimized categories can snide correctly in search.

WooCommerce uses the identical theory as WordPress by capability of categories. A product class is an archive online page worship the class online page of a weblog.

You may presumably earn the CATEGORY settings below PRODUCTS.

A WooCommerce class by default presentations the product title, thumbnail and charge of products in a particular class.

Here’s no longer sufficient in sigh for you your product class pages to snide in search it be well-known to EDIT your categories and add some drawl material (introductory paragraph) to support Google label what model of products the particular class is selling.

Here is an example of an optimized product class:

SEO category pages
Example of an Optimized Product Class

While you happen to dangle paging enabled at school pages, it be well-known to create for a canonical URL for every of the sub-pages to demonstrate the necessary class pages.

Here’s an developed SEO theory but don’t bother, make certain that you just dangle Yoast SEO build in and this can merely web online page the canonical URLS automatically.

Really helpful Reading: Solutions to SEO eCommerce Class Pages

Optimize and put up a sitemap to Google

A WordPress online online page that has WooCommerce enabled, has a model of pages but no longer all pages are well-known for rankings.

As an example, you don’t wish to dangle your ‘checkout’, ‘cart’, ‘sigh purchased’ and ‘my legend’ pages submitted to Google.

Within the majority of cases you don’t need product trace pages or creator archives.

As piece of the WooCommerce SEO optimization it be well-known to optimize your XML sitemap by collectively with utterly the pages that:

Are well-known to your online online page (homepage, product pages, product class pages, weblog) and dangle uncommon drawl material.

You may presumably use Yoast SEO to total that and as soon as ready, that you just may put up your sitemap to Google.

WooCommerce Schemas and Structured Knowledge

WooCommerce has crimson meat up for schema markup built-in. Here’s immense recordsdata because schemas and structured recordsdata are amongst the very best programs to portray your drawl material (and products) to seem engines in a mode they may be able to label.

They’re also historical in Google search results to invent rich snippets that would possibly extinguish up in bigger CTR and more google traffic.

A default WooCommerce installation (with the Yoast SEO Plugin Set in), offers for the following schemas:

  • Internet sites
  • Organization
  • Product
  • Experiences
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Images

Your first step is to delivery the structured recordsdata attempting out instrument and check your homepage, product class and product pages.

While you happen to keep no longer dangle any errors or warnings, you then don’t dangle to total the rest else. Within the majority of cases these are all schemas it be well-known to put in drive.

In case of warnings, you in all likelihood wish to edit your products and present the well-known recordsdata and in case of errors, the very best resolution is to rent a developer to undercover agent at the complications and fix them.

Tempo up WooCommerce

Loading bustle is a recognized ranking issue and a issue that would possibly impression sales. Several reviews sigh that there is a articulate relationship between the time it takes for a area to load and conversions.

WooCommerce is constantly making efforts to enhance the loading bustle of WooCommerce powered web sites but it’s by no manner sufficient.

What that you just may finish to bustle up your WooCommerce self-discipline is the following:

  • Guarantee you are working basically the most modern model of both WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Upgrade your PHP to basically the most modern true model. Check your internet hosting provider for alternatives.
  • Guarantee you dangle your dangle VPS internet hosting and also it is top to no longer the usage of shared internet hosting.
  • While you happen to dangle a model of photography, use a Squawk Bring Community (CDN).
  • Dwell a ways off from installing too many plugins. Plugins are immense but too many plugins can dull down a area.
  • Review the WooCommerce Procedure Position Myth (figured out below WooCommerce > Position) and be aware any recommendations
  • Exercise a caching plugin that is worship minded with WooCommerce. I exploit wp-rocket but there are a range of alternatives readily accessible.

Cell friendliness

Whether your WooCommerce online online page is cellular apt or no longer, is dependent on the theme you’re the usage of. This has nothing to total with WooCommerce core functionality.

What’s serious to know is that bigger than 60% of searches and a pleasant majority of eCommerce transactions are now performed by cellular devices.

This signifies that in case your online online page is no longer cellular apt, you are minimizing your possibilities of getting precious SEO traffic or making sales.

So, before you finish the rest else, bound the Google cellular apt test and fix any components.

Pick up no mistake, this step is no longer optional but well-known. Pretty about a WooCommerce retail outlets we now dangle labored with were optimized for desktops utterly and no care turned into as soon as taken for cellular. As a consequence, they were making half of the sales they’re incessantly making if their online online page turned into as soon as cellular apt.

Promote your WooCommerce Store

Working to your technical and on-online page SEO is utterly piece of the puzzle. To total high rankings for highly competitive ‘shopping’ key phrases, it be well-known to total a model of labor to your off-online page SEO.

Off-Internet page SEO has many parts collectively with:

Hyperlink Building – constructing prime high quality hyperlinks from depended on web sites.

Value Promotion – getting other folks to discuss your mark in forums and a range of internet sites.

Social Media Promotion – making a community in social media networks that talks about your mark and products.

Video Promotion – Publishing optimized video drawl material on YouTube.

Off-Internet page SEO is basically one of many hardest areas of SEO and it becomes even tougher when it be well-known to promote an on-line store.

The motive being that it’s hard to salvage other folks to hyperlink to your product pages and focus on your products in social media, except pointless to claim you hunch rival.

One of many programs to overcome these barriers is drawl material advertising and in explicit working a blog. Beginning a weblog is a immense formula to amplify your publicity in engines like google and yahoo and social networks which is in a diagram to consequence in more traffic and sales.

You may presumably read my Ecommerce Working a blog e book which has the total well-known parts on structure your weblog and what to write about.

Key Learnings

WooCommerce is SEO apt but that does imply that any WooCommerce online online page can snide excessive in Google with out working to your technical SEO, drawl material, self-discipline structure and off-online page SEO.

When optimizing your WooCommerce store I suggest you be aware the steps within the sigh explained above.

Your high priority is your products. Here’s what you sell and these are the pages that you just may dangle to design search engine traffic and fabricate sales.

Exercise a whereas pondering your product titles and URLS and work on the product drawl material. Give users (and engines like google and yahoo) as powerful recordsdata as that you just may take into consideration in a language they may be able to both label.

Invent your keyword study and uncover what key phrases other folks use to your products and make certain that that these are figured out in all SEO optimized parts.

Work on cellular friendliness and online page bustle and make certain that that your online online page is cellular apt and lickety-split.

Closing but no longer least, whenever you dangle with on-self-discipline SEO, originate thinking on the way in which that you just may finest promote your mark on the Internet (on a range of internet sites and social networks). Having an brisk weblog with high quality drawl material can solve many of the complications with online online page promotion.

Is there the rest else missing on WooCommerce SEO that must be added to this e book? Let me know within the comments.

Alex Chris

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