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1,000+ Embroidery Thread Colors

If you like to sew, you know that matching thread to fabric can be kind of tricky. Luckily, this free color chart is here to save the day! Take a look at 1,000+ thread colors, all available for your next embroidery project.

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Click on the filters and see thousands of thread colors across the rainbow! This embroidery thread color chart has a ton of great shades for your next project.

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*Disclaimer: Please remember that every computer monitor will display/render colors differently. This means a thread color may look slightly different when you see it in person.

Needle and thread

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the art of using a needle and thread to create tiny stitches into fabric. This decoration method can be used on clothes, blankets, towels, bags, hats, coasters, and stuffed animals, among other items.

While plenty of people do embroidery by hand as a hobby, it can also be done using machines at factories. For example, let's say you want to order a personalized blanket from an online shop. You'll send in a digital file of the image you want on the blanket, and a machine will then stitch it onto the fabric for you.

Thread spools

What Are Thread Colors?

As the name suggest, a thread color is the color of the thread used for stitching in embroidery. Thread colors can be light, dark, pale, metallic, or neon. Some even glow in the dark!

How Do You Know Which Color Thread to Use?

Whether you want custom baseball hats stitched with your team logo or volunteer shirts for everyone on your crew, it's important to use the right thread color. Consider the fabric you're using and then choose a thread color that won't get lost in the background.

Here are some thread color suggestions!

Vibrant Red Thread Colors

Have you noticed that many fast food brands use red in their logos? This vibrant color is associated with energy, desire, and above all, hunger! Feed your appetite for the best embroidery by using any of these red thread colors.




Best Orange Thread Colors

Orange is a great color for the fall! Use these orange thread colors in your Halloween costume, or to stitch the names on bridesmaids bags for an autumn wedding.

1024 (Madeira)

1137 (Madeira)

165 (Madeira)

Bright Yellow Thread Colors

Let the sunshine in with yellow thread colors! These sunny shades are beautiful for warm weather events, so use them to make a cute Easter bonnet for your baby or to stitch a design onto a picnic blanket.

5616 (Madeira)

1995 (Madeira)

1824 (Madeira)

Trendy Green Thread Colors

Do you volunteer for an eco-friendly nonprofit? Raise funds by selling embroidered blankets, shirts, or hats with your logo. Green thread colors are perfect since they make you think of a cleaner planet!

1049 (Madeira)

1249 (Madeira)

1103 (Madeira)

Cool Blue Thread Colors

Blue thread colors are wonderful for a variety of projects! You can use sky blue on linen tablecloths for a gender reveal party, or classic navy if you want suede portfolios for everyone at your law firm.

1027 (Madeira)

1042 (Madeira)

1966 (Madeira)

Popular Purple Thread Colors

You'll feel like royalty with purple thread colors! Lavender is pretty for weddings, while deeper shades of violet are nice for home d├ęcor like curtains and throw pillows.

1111 (Madeira)

1334 (Madeira)

1680 (Madeira)

Fashionable Pink Thread Colors

Pink looks sweet for baby shower favors, cosmetic bags, and Valentine's Day gifts. Be inspired by these pink thread colors for your next embroidery project!

1111 (Madeira)

1334 (Madeira)

1680 (Madeira)

Earthy Brown Thread Colors

Go for a natural, earthy look by using brown thread colors in your embroidery. You'll find shades as light as tan to ones that look just like dark chocolate!

1884 (Madeira)

1257 (Madeira)

1145 (Madeira)

Neutral Gray Thread Colors

If you don't want anything flashy, then gray thread colors are the perfect choice! Try light grays on darker fabrics and smoky grays on light fabrics.

1686 (Madeira)

1011 (Madeira)

1041 (Madeira)

Metallic Thread Colors

Do you want your embroidery to shimmer and shine? You'll love these metallic thread colors! Silver, gold, or rose gold look irresistible on black, white, or gray fabric.

1010 (Madeira)

1323 (Madeira)

2401 (Madeira)

Knitting element

Does it Matter What Color Thread You Use?

The thread color matters since it impacts the final look and the quality of the stitching. It's important that you choose colors that work well together and make your embroidered design pop on the fabric.

Are you stuck between two thread colors? Go with the darker one! Dark thread blends into the stitch's seam better than lighter colors.

Are you stuck between two thread colors? Go with the darker one! Dark thread blends into the stitch's seam better than lighter colors.

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