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Technology Frequently Asked Questions

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How Do You Clean Your Tech Devices?

It's very easy to clean your tech devices, whether it's your cell phone, laptop, portable speaker, TV, or headphones. Use compressed air to get the dust out of USB ports and a microfiber towel to remove any smudges or dirt. Keep in mind, you should avoid using too much water or chemicals.

Webcam Cover

How Do You Put on a Webcam Cover?

You only need about 5 minutes to put on a webcam cover. Remove the adhesive from the back and then cover the lens, pressing down firmly to ensure the cover sticks. Finally, rub your finger back and forth across the cover to ensure the webcam is completely blocked.

Cell Phone Wallets

What is a Phone Wallet?

A cell phone wallet is a small adhesive pouch that sticks to the back of your phone. You can use this type of wallet, which is usually made of silicone or vinyl, to hold 1 to 3 credit cards, your ID, and a few paper bills.


What Are the Different Types of Headphones?

You can choose from many different types of headphones. Some of the most popular styles include: circumaural, which fit over the ears; earbuds, which go inside of your ears; and wireless, which connect to your device via Bluetooth technology.

Wireless speaker

How Do Wireless Speakers Work?

Wireless speakers contain 4 basic parts that help them work: 1) magnet, 2) voice coil, 3) cone/surround, and 4) diaphragm. As the coil is attracted to the magnet, it causes the diaphragm to move within the cone/surround. The sound is then amplified through the cone and into your listening ears.

Mouse Pad

Who Invented the Mouse Pad?

The mouse pad was invented in 1968 by Jack Kelley. It was used at "The Mother of All Demos" to support the invention of the world's first computer mouse. The mouse pad didn't become popular, however, until the Apple came out with mouse pads printed with their logo for the release of the Macintosh.


Who Invented PopSockets?

David Barnett invented PopSockets„¢ in 2010. The mobile accessory was an instant hit and became extremely popular for selfies, watching videos, and hands-free driving. Just to think, they were originally designed to prevent headphones from becoming tangled!


What Are the Different Versions of USB?

A USB port is part of just about every tech device we use, and there are many different types. Your typical USB plug will fit into either an A, B, or C port. USB-A is most widely used, while USB-C is also very popular as it's part of many portable chargers. Mini or micro-USBs are also often used to charge different devices.

Cell Phone

How Do You Recycle Your Electronics?

You don't have to throw your old electronics in the garbage! Recycle them at a local facility, or better yet, donate them to a charity in need. You can also repurpose them into something new or trade them in for cash.

Over 2 million tech gadgets were ordered last year.

The most popular tech product is stylus pens,
with 32% of total sales.

Earbuds are more popular than headphones. Over 70,000 more pairs of earbuds sold last year.

The average quantity for tech products is 395 items per order.