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PopSockets Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional PopSockets!

Customize PopSockets

How Do You Customize PopSockets?

You can customize PopSockets right online by working with a promotional products company. They'll add an ink imprint of your design on the front, which is great if you need custom PopSockets as gifts or giveaways.

Different Types of PopSockets

What Are the Different Types of PopSockets?

The standard round accordion style is the most common type of PopSocket, but there are many more to choose from. You can also get mini PopSockets, metal PopSockets, ring-shaped PopSockets, and even PopSockets with a built-in wallet.

Use PopSockets

How Do You Use PopSockets?

You can use PopSockets as media stands, cord wraps, and to protect your camera. However, they're mostly handy for taking photos and watching videos. Stick the PopSocket onto your phone or case with the adhesive, pop it open, and you're good to go!

David Barnett

Who Invented the PopSocket?

The PopSocket was invented by David Barnett in 2014. He created these sticky mobile stands in his garage, originally designing them for wrapping headphone cords. Today, PopSockets are popular phone accessories that comes in all colors and styles!

The largest number of PopSockets ever ordered at once is 15,000.

Last year, customers purchased on average 265 PopSockets per order.

Black is the most popular PopSocket color.