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Sticky Notes Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional sticky notes!


How Do You Customize Sticky Notes?

It's very easy to customize your sticky notes in bulk. Hop online and search for a promotional products distributor. They'll help get your design printed!

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Are Post Its Recyclable?

Post-it Notes are recyclable as long as your local pickup accepts "mixed paper." You can also compost sticky notes or repurpose them to make party decorations, lint rollers, or bookmarks.

 Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry

Who Invented the Post It?

The Post-it Note was invented by Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry, both of whom were scientists at 3M. Silver created the microspheres that make Post-its stick, while Fry had the genius idea of sticking them to the back of paper.

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What is the Best Sticky Note Art?

Artists across the country have made incredible works of art using sticky notes. This includes: pixel wall art in a Google office, a bedroom installation in California, and even a giant replica of the Mona Lisa!

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How Are Post Its Made?

Post-it Notes are made using a specific formula developed by 3M. The process involves fitting the paper with the adhesive, stacking it together into one giant pad, and pressing it down to create a firm grip.

More than 1 million sticky note pads sold last year.


of sticky notes that were ordered last year featured a full color imprint.

The majority of sticky note pads in this category feature 25 sheets.

August and April are the most popular months to order sticky notes.