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Lunch Boxes Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional lunch boxes!

customize lunch boxes

How Do You Customize Lunch Boxes?

It's super easy to customize lunch boxes or bags! You can work directly with a promotional products company. They'll screen print or digitally print your design onto the lunch container of your choice, whether it's a retro metal box or a trendy neoprene bag.

lunch bags

How Long Do Lunch Bags Stay Cold?

Most lunch bags will stay cold for about two hours with an ice pack. After that, the temperature may climb into the bacteria danger zone. Be sure to get your lunch bags into a cold fridge as soon as possible!

history of lunch boxes

What is the History of Lunch Boxes?

The history of lunch boxes starts during the Industrial Revolution with old tobacco tins. By 1920, the first lunch pails or boxes were sold for general use by the public. Kids and adults alike loved using them to carry their food!

to-go box

Why Should You Bring Your Lunch to Work?

You should bring your lunch to work every day because it will save you money, and you'll end up eating a lot healthier. Not to mention, a reusable lunch bag is better for the environment than disposable containers and to-go boxes.

Clean an Insulated Lunch Bag

How Do You Clean an Insulated Lunch Bag?

You can easily clean your insulated lunch bag with dish soap, warm water, and antibacterial wipes. Use a sponge to wipe down the entire bag and a toothbrush to get hard-to-reach areas like seams and zippers. Let the entire bag air dry when you're finished!

Polyester is the most popular material for lunch bags.


lunch bags were ordered last year.

Black is the most popular color for lunch bags.


metal lunch boxes
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