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Custom Blankets Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
personalized blankets!

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How Do You Customize Blankets?

Blankets are great gifts, but they can be even more special with a personalized design. Get yours ink printed or embroidered by working directly with a promotional products distributor.

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Why Do Blankets Keep You Warm?

Blankets keep you warm through a process known as thermodynamics. The blanket traps your body heat, creating a kind of "microclimate" to protect you from the cold air in the room.

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What Can I Do With Old Blankets?

Don't throw away your old blankets! You can repurpose them into dog beds, scarves, aprons, cleaning cloths, or blackout curtains for your bedroom. Old blankets are also useful for crafts and outdoor activities.

washing machine

How Do You Wash a Blanket?

You can wash mink, cotton, polyester, and fleece blankets in the washing machine. Always read the care tag and use a mild dishwashing detergent. Depending on the material, you may also want to avoid putting the blankets in the dryer.

Over 75,000 custom blankets sold last year.

5% of orders are for personalized Sherpa blankets, while 95% are for throw or roll-up blankets.

Black, blue, and charcoal are the most popular colors for personalized blankets.

Ready for a picnic? 9,873 plaid blankets were ordered last year.

Chilly months like October and November are the most popular time to order custom blankets.