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Pencils Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional pencils!

Customize pencils

How Do You Customize Pencils?

You can customize pencils in bulk by working with a promotional products distributor. They will screen print your text or design right on the barrel.

Color Changing Pencils

How Do Color Changing Pencils Work?

Color changing pencils seem to work by magic! However, it's actually a combination of leuco dyes and the right temperature that make mood pencils work and cause them to change colors in the palm of your hand.

 Parts of a Pencil

What Are the Parts of a Pencil?

A pencil is made of many different parts. Your standard #2 pencil has a wood barrel and a metal ferrule that holds the rubber eraser. It holds a type of graphite that is not too dark and not too light, which makes it ideal for taking standardized tests.


Why is Handwriting Important?

Even though we use phones and laptops, you should still write things by hand. Handwriting is important because it improves your memory, boosts your critical thinking, helps with your fine motor skills, and overall creates a stronger, more personal connection with your reader.

Pencils Made

How Are Pencils Made?

Pencils are made by first cutting wood into slats called "pencil stock" or "pencil squares." Next, the slats are waxed and stained and groves are added to fill with lead. The final step is layering on another piece of wood, slicing the pieces into individual pencils, and adding the rubber eraser on the top.

Types of Lead

What Are the Different Types of Lead?

They are graded on the HB graphite grading scale, and include such popular types as #1, #2, #2.5, #3, and #4.

INvent pencils

When Was the Pencil Invented?

The first pencil was a lead stylus that was invented in the 16th century. A large deposit of graphite was discovered in Borrowdale, England and was used to create the styluses. High-class families would then use these early pencils to teach their children to read and write.

66% of the pencils in this category are #2 pencils, while 18% are mechanical.


pencils were ordered last year.

White is the most popular color for wooden pencils.

24% of all pencil orders are placed during back to school season.