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Custom Pens Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional pens!


How Do You Customize Pens?

Pens are by far one of the most popular promotional items for businesses. You can customize them with your name, logo, or contact information online through distributors like Quality Logo Products.


Which is the Cheapest Pen?

Bic is one of the most affordable pen brands. Their Cristal pens are particularly budget-friendly. You can get 10 Bic pens for under $2, some of which are custom printed with text or logo.


What is the Best Font for Custom Pens?

Pens are small, so you want to use a thin, legible font that doesn't take up too much space. Try a font like Myriad, Helvetica, or Roboto and only use a maximum of 15 characters.


What is the Best Pen to Use?

The best pen to use is comfortable to hold and produces dark, easy-to-read lines. Ballpoint pens last longer than other types of pens, which is why i's a good idea to use them whenever possible.


What is a Novelty Pen?

You should write with cool pens! You'll find novelty options that light up, have a smiley face on the clicker, or are shaped like rocket ships, carrots, or paintbrushes. These pens are great for party favors or stocking stuffers for the holidays.


What is a Stick Pen?

A stick pen is a slim type of pen that's usually disposable after the ink dries out. Stick pens are very budget-friendly, which is why they're often ordered in bulk for offices, schools, stores, restaurants, and any other organization that needs a high volume of pens.


Are Pens Recyclable?

Because they're made from many materials, pens are not always recyclable. It's much better for the planet to donate gently used pens to a worthwhile cause, or if the ink is gone, repurpose them around your home.


What Does a Stylus Pen Do?

If you're typing on a touchscreen device, a stylus pen can be used to improve precision and speed. People use styluses to take notes, respond to emails, draw, play games, sign web documents, and post on social media.


What Are the Parts of a Ballpoint Pen?

For the most part, a ballpoint pen has a pretty simple design. It is made of a plastic or metal barrel that is filled with an ink chamber, spring, thrust device and tube, and a piece called a plunge, better known as the clicker. The tip of the pen is known as the nib.


How is Pen Ink Made?

Ink is made from pigments, dyes, and either oil or water, depending on if it's a ballpoint, fountain, or gel pen. The entire mixture is blended together and tested at various factories around the world.


How is a Pen Made?

Ballpoint pens are made from aluminum, metal alloys, or most commonly, a type of plastic known as polypropylene copolymer (PPC). The plastic is melted down, fit with stainless steel springs and a tungsten nib, and injected with premixed ink.


What is the Most Expensive Pen?

The most expensive pen in the world is the Fulgor Nocturnus, which is valued at $8 million! This fountain pen is made from rare black diamonds. You can buy more "modest" luxury pens from brands like Montblanc, Cross, Parker, and Waterman.

Inverted Pen

Who Invented the Pen?

The ballpoint pen was invented by a Hungarian-Argentine inventor named Laszlo Biro in the 1940s, and it soon became an international sensation. Today, you'll hear ballpoints referred to as "biros" in the United Kingdom!


How Does a Pen Work?

A pen works thanks to gravity! The ink flows down through the chamber toward the nib or ball bearing at the bottom of the pen. As the tip moves across the paper, it draws ink from the cartridge.

Over 16,000,000 custom pens sold last year.

83% of personalized pens write in black ink, 10% in blue ink, 0.7% in red ink, and 6.3% in other colors.

Do you want fancy pens? Parker is a luxury pen brand with the most sales.

The largest order ever placed was for 410,400 promotional pens.