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Highlighter Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional highlighters!


How Do You Customize Highlighters?

It's very easy to customize highlighters in bulk! You can get your design screen printed on the barrel and choose from a variety of colors and styles. These are great giveaways for schools, churches, writing workshops, and at trade shows.


What Are the Different Types of Highlighters?

You'll find many different types of highlighters, including both thick and pocket sized options. And that's not even all! in the ink!

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What Chemicals Are in Highlighters?

The main chemical in highlighters is an organic compound known as fluorescein. However, other chemicals, like pyranine and rhodamine can be used to create different colors like yellow, pink, or purple.

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Who Invented the Highlighter?

The highlighter was invented by Dr. Frank Horn in 1962. He was inspired by a felt tip marker that had previously been released in Japan and was well-loved by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Over 325,000 highlighters sold last year.

The most popular colors are blue and yellow.

16% of the highlighters in this category are multicolored.

Back-to-school month (August) is one of the most popular times to buy custom highlighters.