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License Agreement Use Of Quality Logo Products Images & Media Assets

Below is a summary of the license and use of photography and other creative assets found on the Quality Logo Products website.

Photography and product imagery on the Quality Logo Products website is the sole property of Quality Logo Products. This license includes all assets created in-house by our media and communications departments: photography, graphics, clipart, product images, videos, and any imagery featuring our signature “Your Design Here” logo.

If you do use any of our photography or imagery, you must properly cite Quality Logo Products, or ask for permission directly from our team by emailing

License Terms for Quality Logo Products Images

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Proper Citation

You must give Quality Logo Products credit for any images taken from our website. This can be a direct citation for website use, or by giving credit for the license and tagging Quality Logo Products on social media.

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Direct Permission

It never hurts to ask! Reach out to our team directly at to get direct permission for licensed use of our image assets. Please refer to this license agreement in your email.

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No Derivatives

Do not alter, transform, or add additional graphics to any of our material.

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No Distribution

You cannot use any imagery from the Quality Logo Products website with the intention of sale or distribution.

*Quality Logo Products (the licensor) cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms listed above.


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Stock Photography

You do not have to credit Quality Logo Products for any photography on our website that belongs to the public domain.

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No Warranties

The use of Quality Logo Products images does not give you all of the permission necessary for your intended use. For example, you cannot use our images, with or without citation, to promote anything illegal, immoral, discriminatory, or that violates privacy rights.