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Free Font Preview Tool

1000+ Free Fonts for You to Use

Fonts can be used for trade show swag, school projects, wedding invitations, and even new tattoos. You don't want your message to be illegible or misinterpreted, so choose the best option by checking out the 1,000+ free fonts in this library!

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What is a Font?

A font is a style of text characterized by a particular design, point size, or color. Some fonts are big and bold, while others are small and narrow. Fonts should not be confused with typefaces, which are classifications of fonts such as sans or sans serif.

How to Use Free Fonts

The free fonts above are preview only, which means you'll need to download them externally or find them in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or any other program you're using.

Do you need some font ideas? Check out these options!

Fancy Fonts

Are you making wedding invitations? How about certificates for an awards ceremony? You'll want to use pretty fonts that look elegant and refined.

Try any of these fancy fonts from the free library!

  1. 1. Pattaya
  2. 2. Meddon
  3. 3. Clicker Script
  4. 4. Montez
  5. 5. Parisienne
  6. 6. Sacramento
  7. 7. Rouge Script
  8. 8. Great Vibes
  9. 9. Sevillana
  10. 10. Fasthand

Cursive fonts are the way to go if you need something fancy! These decorative fonts have exaggerated swirls and curves, making them look pretty on invitations, awards, greeting cards, and even business cards.

Cool Fonts

Do you need free fonts for a school presentation? Maybe you want something to print on name cards for a Friendsgiving potluck. Either way, you should stick with cool fonts that are easy to read, but still unique in appearance.

Try any of these cool fonts from the free library!

  1. 1. ZCOOL KuaiLe
  2. 2. Reggae One
  3. 3. Chela One
  4. 4. Bahianita
  5. 5. Trochut
  6. 6. Bubblegum Sans
  7. 7. Bellota
  8. 8. Dokdo
  9. 9. Sue Ellen Francisco
  10. 10. Gochi Hand

These cool fonts are also great for promotional items like stress balls, t-shirts, and bottle koozies. They make your swag look trendy and modern, ultimately creating more interest in your brand!

Dog wearing sunglasses

Handwriting Fonts

Bring a personal touch to a letter, craft project, or business banner by using any of these handwriting fonts. These fonts make it look like you took the time to write by hand, but without the pesky wrist cramps!

Try any of these handwriting fonts from the free library!

  1. 1.Nothing You Could Do
  2. 2.Permanent Marker
  3. 3.Taprom
  4. 4.Zeyada
  5. 5.Just Me Again Down Here
  6. 6.Nanum Brush Script
  7. 7.Dancing Script
  8. 8.Over the Rainbow
  9. 9.Allura
  10. 10.Fingerpaint

Handwriting fonts look like they were quickly scrawled across the page. By using one, you're making your brand or event seem more approachable and down-to-earth.

Thank you cards with handwriting font

What Other Fonts Should I Try?

You can also look for free fonts that fit a particular theme like Western fonts for a rodeo, Halloween fonts for spooky season, or retro fonts for a flashback weekend!

Browse the best fonts by theme below!

pumpkins pumpkins desktop

Halloween Fonts

Happy Halloween! You're sure to bring the scares with any of these creepy fonts. They're great for treat bags, jack o' lanterns, and "Beware" and "Do Not Enter" signs in haunted houses.

Here are the best fonts for Halloween:

  • Creepster
  • Butcherman
  • Jolly Lodger
  • Chewy
  • Nova Oval
Candy cains Candy cains desktop

Christmas Fonts

'Tis the season for greeting cards, gift tags, and personalized gifts like aprons and wine glasses. Decorate it all using the most holly and jolly Christmas fonts!

Here are the best fonts for Christmas:

  • Mountains of Christmas
  • Yeon Sung
  • Aref Ruqaa
  • Nova Cut
  • Delius Swash Caps
Western stores Western stores desktop

Western Fonts

Yeehaw! Whether you're having a rustic wedding or need to advertise your horse riding lessons, you can't go wrong with these Western fonts.

Here are the best Western fonts:

  • Rye
  • Sancreek
  • Peralta
  • Smokum
  • Fruktur
Western stores mobile Western stores desktop

Vintage Fonts

Embrace your inner flapper or bootlegger with these vintage fonts! Gatsby would approve of these classic fonts, which will have you thinking of sequins, flappers, and gin & tonics.

Here are the best vintage fonts:

  • Grenze Gotisch
  • Milonga
  • Geostar Fill
  • Fascinate Inline
  • Germania One
bubble letter mobile bubble letter desktop

Bubble Letters

Be a kid again with bubble letters! You can use these fun fonts at your lemonade stand or for a kid-friendly fundraiser. They're also excellent for camps, libraries, community centers, and ice cream socials.

Here are the best bubble letter fonts:

  • Ewert
  • Bungee Shade
  • Ribeye Marrow
  • Londrina Shadow
  • Train One
Classic car mobile Classic car desktop

Retro Fonts

Go back in time with these free retro fonts! Host a 50's themed mystery dinner party at your diner, dance the night away at a 70s disco, or throw a rad 90s trivia night at your bar. There's a font here for any occasion!

Here are the best retro fonts by decade:

  • 50s font: Almendra SC
  • 60s font: Vibes
  • 70s font: Righteous
  • 80s font: Sonsie One
  • 90s font: Damion
Nissan robot mobile Nissan robot desktop

Futuristic Fonts

Now that you went back in time, it's time to spring forward to the future. These futuristic fonts will have you thinking of flying cars, chrome buildings, and self-tying shoelaces!

Here are the best futuristic fonts:

  • Goldman
  • Srisakdi
  • Turret Road
  • Shrikhand
  • Unica One
PC laptop Desktop

How to Install Fonts on PC

PC laptop mobile

If you want to install fonts on your PC, follow these steps:

1. Download the font files from the program. This will usually come in a .zip folder.

2. Right click the fonts you want and click Install.

3. Your new fonts will appear in the fonts list in Microsoft Word.

Mac Imac

How to Install Fonts on Mac

If you want to install fonts on your Mac, follow these steps:

1. Download the Font Book app.

2. Double click the font in the Finder and click Install. The font will not be opened in Font Book.

3. Select the font you want to download from the Font Book and choose Edit > Download.

What Are the Different Font File Types?

The most common font file extensions are .OTF, .TTF, .WOFF, and .SVG. You'll see these font types used by Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and Cricut.

Here are the differences between the most popular font files:

  • .OTF - An .OTF or OpenType font is usually in a vector format, which means it can be printed in any size without worrying about distortion. These fonts are usually smaller, but also have a wider variety of symbols, numbers, and letters.
  • .TTF -.TTF or TrueType fonts are the basic fonts available for free through Apple or Microsoft. These platforms license their own fonts, which means you can use them on any of their programs.
  • .WOFF - You'll find .WOFF or .WOFF2 (Web Open Font Format) extensions on graphic software like Adobe Illustrator or Cricut Design Space. The font styles vary from program to program.
  • .SVG - An .SVG or Scalable Vector Graphic is extremely useful when creating a website. These file extensions don't rely on pixels, which means the font won't look unreadable on the screen.

If you use Adobe, Apple, or Microsoft, you should definitely be familiar with the file extensions listed above. And that's not even half of the ones available! In fact, there are close to 60 font file extensions you will see across various programs!

Do Fonts Need to Be Licensed?

Fonts are software, which means you need a license unless they're free for commercial use. Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Cricut, and other programs have different user agreements, so check their guidelines before using their fonts externally.

Comcast office

This isn't something to take lightly. There are many instances of font violations in pop culture. In 2009, Font Bureau sued NBC Universal for $2 million for using their fonts beyond the scope of their licensing agreement. And then there was Cher who was sued by a Brooklyn designer in 2013 for using a knock-off of their font in her album art for "Closer to the Truth."

Take these examples as a lesson. Do you plan on using a font in your product packaging, magazine ads, or promotional items? Do your due diligence so you avoid all violations!

Use free fonts whenever possible, always read the rules and regulations, and if necessary, ask permission directly from the program with the font license.

fonts on a screen

Why Are Fonts Important?

fonts on a screen

The words you choose matter, but so does the font that you use to print them. Fonts have a direct effect on a user experience and also convey a certain feeling or mood.

It's all about communication! When someone can't read your font, or it doesn't fit your business type (i.e. - Comic Sans for a law firm), you're not doing yourself any favors. Take the time to really think about the font you want to use.

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