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What is the
Company Store?

An online store
just for you!

Wouldn't it be nice if all the promos you love were in one place? Better yet, what if they were already mocked up and ready to go with your logo? That's the beauty of the Company Store – a free perk that you'll only find at Quality Logo Products®!

2 people looking at clipboard 2 people looking at clipboard

How it Works

You choose your
 favorite products.

Pick the products that you order all the time, or the items you plan on ordering in the future.

We do the work.

Your sales rep will get the products mocked up with your logo.

You place the orders.

Visit your company store as many times as you want. Now you can order your branded merch in one place!

store landing
store landing store landing

Easy To Use

The power is in your hands! Choose your favorite products and get them mocked up with your store or business's logo. Boom – now your exclusive branded merch is all in one place. Every order will be ridiculously easy!

3 people looking at notebook 3 people looking at notebook

Accessible to All

Give as many users as you want access to your company store. They can submit, review, and approve orders, all with just a few clicks. There is no programming required!

Free To Use


No Setup Fee

You can set up your company store for free!


No Monthly Fees

Use the company store as long as you want without having to pay.

* Handling/packaging fees may apply.


No Warehouse Fees*

We'll never charge you for keeping your products in stock.

Branding desktop 1 Branding desktop 2 Branding desktop 3
Branding desktop 1 Branding desktop 2 Branding desktop 3

Your Store, Your Brand

It's all about you! Your company store is tailored to meet your branding guidelines. Every item will feature your logo, just the way you want it. If there's anything you don't like, let us know so we can make changes!

QLP Customer Service

Reach Out If
 You're Interested

If you want to set up a company store, contact a dedicated sales rep by clicking below. They will take care of everything and help you get started!

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