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Fidget Spinners Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional fidget spinners!

Fidget Spinner

How Do You Customize Fidget Spinners?

You can customize fidget spinners right online! Most promotional products companies offer free printing, and you can get a bunch of these toys in bulk. They're great giveaways for any kid-friendly event.

Fidget Spinner

How Do You Fix a Fidget Spinner?

You can fix a wobbly, loud, or rusty fidget spinner with a few basic household ingredients. Use olive oil to fix a spinner that isn't spinning, silicone spray to make the spinner quieter, and white vinegar to get rid of any rust.

Fidget Spinner

How to Do Fidget Spinner Tricks

You can do fidget spinner tricks by following along with online tutorials. Some of the easiest tricks to master are balancing the spinner on one finger and building a tower of fidget spinners that continue to rotate.

Fidget Spinner

Who Invented the Fidget Spinner?

A mom named Catherine Hettinger invented the fidget spinner in 1993. Her original prototype was a disc-shaped saucer that spun on one finger. Hasbro incredibly sent her a rejection letter!

Fidget Spinner

How Do You Make a Fidget Spinner?

You can make a fidget spinner right at home using a ball bearing and hot gluing lightweight items around the edges like crayons or feathers. You can also use cardboard, paper, and LEGOs!

Blue, white, and lime are the most common colors for fidget spinners.


plus fidget spinners were
ordered last year.

Light-up spinners are super popular, with over 37,000 ordered each year.

10,000 is the largest
number of fidget spinners
ordered at one time.