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Custom Drinkware Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
custom drinkware!

Bottle in dishwasher

How Do You Customize Drinkware?

If you want to order custom drinkware, you should work directly with a promotional products distributor. They can print your logo, text, or design on each glass or cup in bulk. This is a particularly great option if you need a large quantity for your business or event.

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How Do You Personalize Wine Glasses?

The best way to personalize wine glasses is by using ink or engraving. Either way, you should print something special on the front of each glass, whether it's a family photo or your bar or restaurant's logo. Weddings and parties should customize the wine glasses with a monogram or a funny saying or pun!

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Do Stadium Cups Come With Lids & Straws?

Stadium cups are reusable plastic cups that you can use for after-school snacks. They're often sold at concession stands or used at large gatherings like weddings and family reunions. Some stadium cups even come with lids and straws, especially if they're served with kids meals at restaurants.

Bottle in dishwasher

How Do You Clean the Inside of a Bottle?

You can clean the inside of a water bottle, travel mug, or drink tumbler using a bottle brush. Another option is to pour baking soda or white vinegar inside and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes. This is a particularly great idea if the inside of your bottle is smelly!

Copper mule mugs

What Are Copper Mugs Used For?

Copper mugs are typically used for Moscow Mules. However, you can also use these cocktail cups for other mixed drinks like Mint Juleps and Gin & Tonics as well as non-alcoholic drinks like ginger ale, iced tea, and water.

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What Makes a Cup a Tumbler?

A cup or mug can be called a tumbler if it doesn't have a handle and can hold hot or cold drinks. Tumblers also usually come with lids and/or straws, which makes them a particularly good option if you're traveling.

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Why Are Cocktail Glasses Different Shapes?

Pour your drink in the right cup! Alcohol comes in many different glasses, from shot glasses and shooters to special drinkware for beer, wine, and cocktails. The shape and size of the cup can affect the taste as well as the amount of alcohol you're consuming in one sitting.

The top 3 bestsellers in this category are: 1) stadium cups, 2) water bottles, and 3) travel mugs.

38% of the custom drinkware featured here is made from plastic, 37% from metal, 12% from glass, and 13% from another material.

Over half of the personalized drinkware in this category comes with a lid.

Over 5,500,000 pieces of custom drinkware sold last year.