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Umbrellas Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional umbrellas!

customize your umbrella

How Do You Customize Umbrellas?

You can customize umbrellas by ordering them in bulk through a promotional products distributor. Choose a stylish umbrella and be creative with your design! The distributor will work with you to get that design screen printed or digitally printed on the canopy.

types of umbrellas

What Are the Different Types of Umbrellas?

You may think there's only one type of umbrella, but guess again! The different types of umbrellas include: automatic, beach, bubble, children's, straight umbrellas, umbrella hats, inverted umbrellas, and the little umbrellas you put in your cocktails!


How Are Umbrellas Made?

Umbrellas are made using plastic, wood, or metal parts. The first step is sewing the fabric canopy, next the shaft, springs, handle, runner, and ribs are created, finally each piece is attached together to make the final product.

recycle an umbrella

How Do You Recycle an Umbrella?

You can technically recycle an umbrella by taking it apart first and putting the plastic, wood, and metal pieces in either curbside pickup or bringing them to a dedicated recycling center. It's better for the planet to try and repurpose your umbrellas to make something new instead.

umbrellas Image

Who Invented the Umbrella?

An early version of the umbrella was invented by the Egyptians in 1000 BC. They used feathers or lotus leaves as a way to shield nobility from the sun. Soon after, silk parasols were used in China and customized with pretty images of flowers, birds, or landscapes.

The 48' Arc Golf Umbrella is the #1 bestseller.

Umbrellas in neutral colors are often more popular than bright ones.

August and November are the most popular months for ordering umbrellas.

Over 40,000 custom umbrellas were sold last year.