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Plastic Bag Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional plastic bags!


Can You Recycle Plastic Bags?

Unfortunately, you can't recycle plastic bags in your curbside bin. It's a better idea to bring them in bulk to a local store like Target or Walmart. They have kiosks set up in the front of the store and will recycle or repurpose your bags.

 Spencer Silver and Arthur Fry

Who Invented Plastic Bags?

You can thank Sten Gustaf Thulin for inventing plastic bags in 1965. Believe it or not, his goal was to help the environment as trees had to be cut down to make paper bags. Now grocery and retail stores have both options in every checkout lane!


How Are Plastic Bags Made?

Plastic bags are made from polyethylene pellets that are melted down and molded into thin sheets of plastic. At the end, a machine punctures a hole in the bags for the handle and a screen printer adds a design to the front.

Over 4,000,000 plastic bags sold last year.

The largest order ever placed was for 200,000 bags.

68% of the plastic bags that are ordered have die cut handles.

People are going green! Tote bags see 392% more sales every year than plastic bags.