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Notebooks Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional notebooks!

Customize Notebooks

How Do You Customize Notebooks?

You can customize notebooks online through a distributor! The first step is to pick out the notebook you like, and then your design will be added to the cover via screen or digital printing.

Recycle Notebooks

Can You Recycle Notebooks?

It's possible to recycle notebooks by first removing the metal spiral and then recycling the paper in curbside pickup. However, it's better for you to repurpose your notebooks into something new, like hats, art, origami, or kindling for a bonfire.

Benefits of Handwriting

Why Should You Write By Hand?

There are many benefits to handwriting, including better memory, improved eyesight and focus, and even a deeper, more restful night's sleep. It's worth putting down your phone and picking up a pen!

notebooks made

How Are Notebooks Made?

A notebook is made by turning pulp into paper and then adding details such as lines and holes. The notebook's cover, meanwhile, is made from plastic, leather, fabric, or cardboard. Each of these pieces is bound together either with adhesive glue or thin spiraled wires.

Edward Podosek

Who Invented the Notebook?

It's tough to trace the exact history, but the spiral notebook was said to have been invented by Edward Podosek in 1924. He was an English inventor with many other patents to his name for school supplies, such as ring binders and recyclable paper.

Over 200,000 notebooks were ordered last year.

About 60% of the orders for notebooks are for spirals.

The most popular months to order notebooks are January and August.

25% of notebooks ordered use recycled materials.