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Sunscreen Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional sunscreen!


How Do You Customize Sunscreen?

If you work for a pool or are hosting an outdoor event, you can customize sunscreen in bulk. You can do this right online by working with a promotional products company like Quality Logo Products®.

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Why is Sunscreen Important?

It is important that you wear sunscreen every single day. An SPF 15, broad spectrum lotion or spray will help protect you from UVA and UVB light. These are types of radiation that cause many issues not limited to: sunburns, wrinkles, age spots, eye damage, and even skin cancer.

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When Was Sunscreen Invented?

Sunscreen was invented in 1932, but it didn't become popular in the United States until about six years later. This lotion was a huge part of World War II, showing up in many of the life rafts and tanks used by soldiers.

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How Does Sunscreen Work?

Sunscreen works in one of two ways, depending on how it's made. 1) A chemical sunscreen will act as a sponge and absorb the UV rays. 2) A mineral sunscreen, on the other hand, acts as a shield to reflect the UV rays.

Over 100,000 sunscreen bottles were ordered last year.

SPF 30

is the most popular type of sunscreen in this category.

90% of orders last year were for lotions, while 10% were for sprays.

April and May are the most popular months to order sunscreen.