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Frisbees Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional frisbees!

Customize a Frisbee

How Do You Customize Frisbees?

Frisbees are customized by promotional products companies who use various printing methods to personalize the discs. The most common method of frisbee customization is screen printing.

Frisbees are used for

What Are Frisbees Used For?

Frisbees are used for disc golf, playing with dogs, ultimate frisbee, dodgebee, and more. From official tournaments to casual games, people of all ages enjoy tossing around a frisbee. There are even dedicated frisbee golf parks around the country!

Walter Fred Morrison

Who Invented Frisbees?

The frisbee was invented by Walter "Fred" Morrison and his wife when they decided to throw a cake pan around the yard to pass the time. From there, they went on to officially create the frisbee we know and love today!

injection molding frisbee

How Are Frisbees Made?

Frisbees are made through a special process called injection molding where plastic pellets are melted down and formed into the shape of a disc. The discs are then cooled, customized, and packaged for delivery!

Blue is the most common color for frisbees.


is the largest number of frisbees ordered at once.

The most popular frisbee is the Folding Flyer with Case.

A total of 400,738 frisbees were ordered last year.