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Bottle Openers Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional bottle openers!

Customize Bottle Openers

How Do You Customize Bottle Openers?

You can customize bottle openers by working directly with a promotional products distributor. These giveaways are excellent as wedding favors or for bars, restaurants, and breweries to promote their products.

Different Types of Bottle Openers

What Are the Different Types of Bottle Openers?

You'll find many different types of bottle openers out there. This includes the traditional speed openers, crown cork openers, and wall-mounted openers used by bartenders, as well as the more user-friendly keychain bottle openers handed out by companies.

die cutting machine

How is a Bottle Opener Made?

Bottle openers can be mass-produced or made by hand. For mass-produced bottle openers, the process involves a die cutting machine and laser engraving. Handmade bottle openers, on the other hand, are usually forged from steel by professional blacksmiths with a hammer, anvil, and hot oven.

church key bottle opener

When Was the Bottle Opener Invented?

The first bottle opener was invented in 1894. It was called a "church key" bottle opener and there are many theories as to how it got its name. Some people believed that early monks were excellent brewers, and they had to lock their beer away to keep it hidden from the public!

Key chain bottle
openers are the
most popular style.


bottle openers were
ordered last year.

Blue is the most
popular color for
bottle openers.

The largest order quantity of bottle
openers this year was 20,000.

The most commonly
used imprint method
is laser engraving.