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Bulk Stress Balls Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional bulk stress balls!

Stress Ball Design Tips

How Do You Customize Stress Balls?

You can customize a stress ball via screen or ink printing. The front is decorated with a logo, custom design, or some kind of written message. These toys are then handed out as fun giveaways at a variety of events.


What is a Stress Ball Made Of?

Most stress balls are made from a material known as polyurethane. This is a super soft type of plastic that's flexible, cushy, and used in not just stress balls, but also mattresses, building insulation, and shoe soles.

Do Stress Balls Work?

Do Stress Balls Work?

Stress balls actually work in many ways! They have been proven to improve blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, and concentration. Plus, they build hand strength, create a healthier heart, and improve sleep quality.

How Are Stress Balls Made?

How Are Stress Balls Made?

Stress balls are made a lot like homemade cookies. The process involves spraying sheets, baking them in an oven, and setting them out to dry. Of course, eating the final product isn't recommended!

Homemade Stress Balls Made?

How Do You Make a Stress Ball?

You just need a few balloons, some rice or flour, and scissors to make your own stress ball from scratch. The whole project takes about 5 to 10 minutes and is super simple and fun for any age group!

Who invented

Who Invented the Stress Ball?

The stress ball was invented in the late '80s by Alex Carswell, a TV writer in California. He was inspired to make this toy after whipping a magic marker across the room in frustration and breaking a picture of his mom and dog. His "Stressball" was a healthier way to get out tension.

Stress Balls Shapes

How Many Shapes Do Stress Balls Come In?

Stress balls come in hundreds of unique shapes! You can find not only traditional round ones, but also ones shaped like people, objects, animals, food, and more. There's a stress ball out there for everyone!

Blue is the most popular stress ball color.


Stress ball orders
were placed this year.

The average order size for stress balls is 409 per order.

Custom stress balls
start as low as

57 cents each