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Golf Accessories Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about
promotional golf accessories!

Customize Golf Equipment

How Do You Customize Golf Accessories?

You might want custom golf balls, polo shirts, and tees to sell at your course. Maybe you need them as giveaways for your next outing. You can customize this gear online through a promotional products company.

equipment used in golf

What is Used to Play Golf?

The equipment used in golf includes balls, tees, and of course, clubs. A typical set of golf clubs will include three woods, one hybrid, a driver, seven irons, and a putter. Some golfers bring even more gear in their bags such as cleats, gloves, and ball markers.

lay golf

How Do You Play Golf?

If you're a beginner, you can play golf solo or with a group. Your goal is to hit the ball in as few strokes as possible into the hole. A standard golf course will have 18 holes with varying degrees of difficulty.

piece of rubber

How Are Golf Balls Made?

Golf balls are made by shaping a solid piece of rubber and inserting it into a dimpled cover made from urethane or plastic. The cover is then shined, painted in the desired color, and pad printed with a logo or the manufacturer's name.

Who Invented Golf?

Who Invented Golf?

Golf was invented by the Scots in the 16th century. The early games were played with sticks, pebbles, and rabbit holes, and King James II hated it so much, he tried to get golf completely banned!

Wilson is the most popular brand for golf balls.

Over 125,000 golf balls were sold last year.

May & August are the most popular months to order golf accessories.

Green is the most popular color for golf towels.